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The ICON Standard

ICON Oilfield Services is committed to being the premier domestic provider of thru-tubing milling and fishing services. In order to accomplish this, ICON holds itself to a higher standard—The ICON Standard. We consistently deliver high performance through reliable equipment with advanced designs and quality field services and personnel.

Experienced Personnel
ICON’s experienced field supervisors helps ensure your operation achieves optimal performance and maximum efficiency. Our job starts before we show up on location with in-house training programs, procedures and best practices to ensure employees have a thorough understanding of tool selection, hydraulics and application techniques. For example, debris management while milling plugs is often as important as milling time in order to prevent issues when putting the well on production.

ICON emphasizes communication, teamwork and professionalism on the jobsite.

Advanced Designs
ICON offers a full-size range of bottom hole assemblies including downhole motors, coiled tubing jars, agitators and fishing equipment.

Our motors utilize state-of-the-art even-wall power sections for demanding environments, as well as conventional power sections for less demanding and more cost-effective applications.

Local Repair and Re-dress
ICON has state-of-the-art repair and maintenance facilities, as well as test equipment in each location to ensure superior performance on every job.

  • Each motor undergoes a thorough dynamic test with a Dynamometer to verify motor performance before each job.
  • Certified third-party magnetic particle or ultrasonic inspec¬tions are performed on all equipment.
  • A full suite of reports including an assembly report make-up torque record, and Dynamometer report are prepared every time the motor is serviced and made available on each job.