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ICON MHA and CTC Support Tools
ICON Oilfield Services offers a complete line of Motor Head Assembly (MHA) and Coiled Tubing Conveyed (CTC) tools in a range of sizes from 1 11/16" thru 2 7/8". CTC Tools can be provided as individual components for flexible placement with jars and vibratory tools or in a complete Motor Head Assembly (MHA). MHA's have been developed to incorporate standard CTC Tools into a shorter, stronger, integrated, multi-functional system; which reduces the overall length of a traditional coil conveyed bottom-hole assembly (BHA) made up of individual CTC components. The MHA typically combines the Dual Flapper Valve and Hydraulic Disconnect and can include a Dual Circulation Sub, which are standard components for almost all BHA designs, into a short compact assembly. These tools include the following:

External Slip Connector Assembly:
Designed to handle high tensile and torsional loads during Thru-Tubing operations and provide efficient and reliable make-up to the coil tubing on location. Each connector is manufactured of high strength alloy or stainless steel and is designed with a large I.D. for maximum flow rates and pump-through of actuation balls; as well as, designed to exceed the tensile and burst of the coil tubing and to exceed the tensile and torsional loads generated by MHA's, Motors, Jars and Vibratory Tools. Dual O-rings seals are provided to insure pressure integrity of the coiled tubing string during down-hole operation to 10,000 PSI. Each Coil Connector has replaceable slips and has undergone actual a dynamic pull test to validate strengths.

Internal Slip & Weld-On Connectors:
ICON can also provide additional designs of coil tubing connectors; including, Internal Slip and Weld-On.

Dual Flapper Valve:
Used as a well control measure to prevent wellbore fluid and pressure from flowing up the coil tubing to the surface. The DFV uses two fully redundant stainless steel flapper and flapper seal assemblies which are manufactured with NACE approved materials and include Inconel hinge pins and flapper return springs. Redundant seals virtually eliminate the risk of failure. Each flapper seal assembly is designed so that a ball can be pumped through at minimum flow and features a primary, low pressure seal, backed up with a secondary, high pressure metal-to-metal seal and have been tested up to 10,000 psi.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Disconnect:
Used as an emergency release device with coil tubing to provide a method of separating and releasing from tools, below the HDHD. Designed to withstand high vibration, torque and impact the HDHD allows the tool string to detach, via the deployment of a drop/trip ball through the coiled tubing. Disconnect is accomplished when a drop ball positions on the piston sleeve creating a back pressure to shear the pins and disconnect the tool. Circulation is then returned to the tool string, providing a surface indication of a positive disconnect. All piston sleeves and drop balls can be retrieved with by a standard "GS" internal fish neck.

Dual Circulation Sub:
Provides a method to divert circulation to the annulus, if the string below the sub becomes plugged or if it is desirable to eliminate unnecessary wear on the mud motor. The DCS offers a pressure differential piston which is activated from pressure of a drop ball on the brass pins shear allowing the piston to travel down, exposing the side ports where circulation is diverted and allowed to continue.

ICON can also provide a full array of additional BHA tools; including, hydraulic jars and vibratory (agitator) tools from leading third-party suppliers.