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ICON Mills & Bits
ICON Oilfield Services offers a complete assortment of mills and bits for every thru-tubing drilling / milling application. While carbide mills have become the most common type used in thru-tubing milling; recent innovations in small diameter, sealed bearing roller cone bits and PDC bits are providing exceptional results in many applications. All ICON mills and bits are engineered for optimal performance with ICON thru-tubing motors. Motor torque and speed characteristics are considered, along with optimal cutting structure; to deliver peak cutting rates and long-lasting wear life; while insuring minimal cutting size for efficient wellbore cleaning.

Carbide Mills:
ICON can provide a broad assortment of carbide mill types and profiles:

  • Junk Mill
  • Reverse Clutch (Rake)
  • A/R
  • Concave Mill
  • Convex Mill
  • Flat Bottom Mill
  • Bull Nose Mill
  • Taper Mill
  • String Mill
  • Step Mills

Mills are available with various carbide configurations and geometries; including, standard crushed carbide, carbide disc, carbide block, Starbide, and Piranha and are available in a broad range of standard sizes, with custom sizes available on request.

Sealed Bearing Roller Cone Bits:
ICON can provide a broad range of sealed bearing roller cone bits from the leading thru-tubing roller cone bit manufacturers. Roller Cone Bits are available in standard thru-tubing sizes; ranging from 3¾” O.D. to 5¾” O.D. in ⅛” increments and are offered in a variety of cutting structures and IADC codes.

Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) Bits:
ICON is continually looking for ways to apply new technology. Milling and cutting structure technology is no exception. ICON can provide a number of advanced, state-of-the-art PDC bit designs, specifically for thru-tubing applications; which can significantly reduce milling time of composite bridge plugs; while generating extremely small cuttings to promote fast and efficient wellbore cleaning. Performance and durability are the hallmarks of PDC bits in thru-tubing applications. Some versions have drilled as many as 70 plugs, at an average of 20 minutes per plug, before the bit needed to be re-built. PDC bits can be manufactured in almost any size and can be re-built to “as-new” condition for a fraction of the original cost; making the cost per plug for PDC bits un-matched.

ICON personnel have extensive experience in design, modification and application of all types of mills and bits. We recommend clients contact their local ICON representative to determine the best performing and most cost effective mill or bit for their application.