Milling Services

ICON specializes in removing composite and cast-iron frac plugs after isolated zones have been fracture stimulated. Our industry leading downhole motors and mills remove each zone’s frac plug to wells online and maximize its production rate as quickly as possible.

  • ICON’s motors utilize state of the art even-wall power sections for demanding environments. These motors provide a longer life, improved performance in extreme temperatures and environments, and 2-3 times the power of conventional motors. We also offer conventional power sections for less demanding and more cost effective applications.
  • ICON offers a broad selection of mills and bits to address each particular plug and well condition to optimize all aspects of milling the plug, debris size, milling time and life of the mill.
  • ICON’s personnel are skilled at adapting to numerous parameters (weight, differential pressure, flow, returns, running speeds, etc.) to operate the downhole motor for maximum performance and efficiency. They also have the knowledge and experience to evaluate well conditions on a real-time basis.
  • Scale and cement milling
  • Nipple profile milling
  • Underreaming