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ICON Thru-Tubing Motors
ICON Oilfield Services offers an industry leading selection of high performance thru-tubing motors designed specifically for workover and coil tubing applications. ICON Thru-Tubing Motors are manufactured by industry leading motor suppliers; such as Bico Drilling Tools, and Innovative Downhole and are available in a complete range of thru-tubing sizes from 1¹¹/₁₆”, 2⅛”, 2⅞” and 3⅛”. ICON Thru-Tubing Motors can be configured for a variety of applications; including, toe-preps, cleanouts and cement drilling operations; as well as, more demanding applications; such as composite plug milling and underreaming operations. ICON utilizes diverse designs in bearing assemblies, transmissions and power sections, to configure its thru-tubing motors to achieve the best balance of performance and cost for each application.

Bearing Assemblies:
In addition to traditional ball type thrust bearing designs, ICON also offers a state-of-the-art, diamond thrust bearing design, for long life in the most challenging of applications. Diamond thrust bearing technology, provides significantly increased bearing surface area for higher thrust loads than ball bearing type assemblies; delivering superior weight-on-bit capability and reducing the effects of instantaneous impact loads on ball bearings. Carbide radial bearings provide superior radial support over the entire length of the bearing assembly and are able to tolerate extreme side load conditions. Extremely compact and robust construction, makes the Diamond Bearing the shortest and most heavy-duty bearing system available. Diamond bearings perform well in fluid, air and air mist environments. Unlike oil sealed ball bearings, Diamond Bearings can operate in extreme bottom-hole temperatures.

Transmission Assemblies:
ICON offers various types of transmission assemblies; including, flex shaft and universal type. The selection and application of the transmission assemblies is determined by the size of the motor and severity of application.

Power Sections:
ICON Thru-Tubing Motors are available with a variety of Power Section types; including, “even-wall” power sections and enhanced elastomer, conventional power sections. Power sections are matched to the application and are configured to balance cost and performance.

Even-Wall Power Sections:
ICON even-wall power sections provide longer life and improved performance in high bottom-hole temperatures and harsh environments and will typically generate significantly more power than conventional power sections. The uniform elastomer wall thickness provides a number of positive attributes to improve power section performance. The high tolerance fit between the rotor and the stator, provide better interference fit and low gap leakage between the rotor and stator, with no detrimental friction loss. Enhanced performance efficiency means more torque and horsepower in a shorter length. Improved thermal conductivity; reduces heat build-up problems and hysteresis and limits elastomer swelling.

Enhanced Elastomer Power Sections:
ICON can provide a variety of elastomer compounds for its conventional power sections. Many of the enhanced elastomers have near comparable performance characteristics to the even-wall power sections; yet provide a more cost-effective solution, in the right application; such as, extreme temperature and nitrogen applications.

Circ Sub/Rotor Catch (CSRC) Assembly (Patent Pending):
All ICON Thru-Tubing Motors are equipped with a unique, patent pending, circ sub/rotor catch assembly; that in addition to providing the traditional function of a rotor catch, as a positive method of retrieving the entire motor when a stator back-off/separation occurs; also provides a pressure (decrease) indication at surface that a separation has actually occurred. In addition to the separation indication, the CSRC also allows the operator to continue to circulate thru the string and BHA as it is retracted from the hole, maintaining AV’s and decreasing the potential of getting the string or BHA stuck.

Repair & Maintenance:
The design and configuration of performance motors for different applications is key to performance; however, the key to long-term motor reliability is attention to detail in the repair and maintenance process. ICON prides itself on employing one the most thorough and stringent Quality Assurance programs in the thru-tubing industry. At the end of each job, each motor is returned to the ICON Repair & Maintenance Center, where it is immediately tested on the Dynamometer to establish its baseline wear during the recent job, compared to the Dyno report prior to the job. It is then dis-assembled, and each component is inspected for wear, stress and defect. All threaded and high stress components are third-party inspected with a combination of Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic inspection processes, to pre-emptively identify possible, future failure modes. Any component that does not meet specification is replaced and the motor is then re-assembled, following strict ICON guidelines. After assembly, each motor is tested on a Dynamometer to insure the horsepower and torque output are within acceptable ranges when compared to the manufacturer’s original specifications. Each and every time the motor goes through the Repair & Maintenance process the information is recorded in the ICON TrakQuip System; which tracks every repair and subsequent test performed on the motor throughout its entire life cycle. By this method, ICON identifies potential problems and improvements that are not apparent in a single repair cycle and insures the long-term repeat performance of the motor.

ICON personnel have over 50 combined years of experience in the design, configuration and application of positive displacement motors. We recommend clients contact their local ICON representative to determine the best performing and most cost effective configuration of thru-tubing motor system for their application.